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Intimidation in an attempt to limit speech is also increasing. Just before Christmas, hackers allegedly tied to North Korea compromised Sony's online systems and threatened physical attacks on movie theaters if the B movie "The Interview" opened as planned.

The Antioch City Council passed a ban on feeding feral cats back in April, hoping it would put a damper on feral cat overpopulation, but the city does not have the resources to enforce the law and opponents have largely ignored it. Some say only trap-neuter-return program can keep the population from growing, but the city has no funding for this. What do you think of this no-feeding policy and how would you propose to control the free-romaing cat population?

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, who plays Dr. Harrison Wells on?,httP://www.coachhandbags.click,perhaps hundreds, confirmed that he will be doing double-duty as the villain Reverse Flash at the Television Critics Association's winter previews?on Sunday."[Wells] is the man in the yellow suit,coach outlet online," Cavanagh said during a panel discussion,coach outlet, referencing the comic book villain who killed The Flash's mother. And since he has the suit, exhibited the villain's vocal vibration powers, and has a faster-than-light tachyon device, all signs point to a time-traveling Reverse Flash. But is he the only one?Executive producer??hinted that another person may be involved in the Reverse Flash mythology namely Eddie Thawne (). Fans have speculated that Eddie (whose name resembles Eobard Thawne, one of the aliases of Reverse-Flash in the comic books on which the series is based) will emerge as Reverse Flash in the series."His name is not an accident," Kreisberg said?Sunday. "Eddie's connection to the Reverse Flash lore is going to pay off big time in the back half of the year."Producers also addressed the idea of another spin-off based on theFlash-Arrow?universe, possibly featuring The Atom ()."We're in very early talks on a very general idea that we're ... not allowed to say anything about yet," executive producer??said.Earlier in the day, CW president Mark Pedowitz??that, while nothing is currently in the works, he's open to additional?Flash?and?spin-offs "as long as there's no audience fatigue."Page 2 of 2 - And,?Arrow?star??offered little reassurance for fans about whether Oliver survived that fall in the show's midseason finale. "We had a very full discussion about the third season back in late June or early July," Amell said. "They said, 'The first arc of our season will commence with Sara's death and will end with Oliver facing Ra's al Ghul and losing.'"Oliver's (temporary?) absence will shift the spotlight to other characters something Amell said he welcomes. "I personally love when there is adversity for the protagonist and when we give other characters on the show an opportunity to ... come more into leading roles," he noted.Enter Black Canary (), who said she's "excited and thrilled" about her character's arc. "I've been waiting for this to happen," Cassidy said. "Season 2, she definitely hit rock bottom and was able to come out on top. ... After losing her sister, she goes from avenging her sister to honoring her sister to becoming her sister. It's been amazing."Are you looking forward to the emergence of Reverse Flash,and will last approximately f, and do you think The CW should launch additional shows based on?The Flash?andArrow? Sound off in the comments!(Full disclosure: TVGuide.com is owned by CBS, one of The CW's parent companies."? On the Set of?Outlander:? How well does the cast know?Scottish?culture??View original at Other Links From TVGuide.com