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Braswell's description of the bridges is only the backdrop for his claims that several supervisors harassed and bullied him for talking publicly about the bridges' construction. He is seeking damages and relief for those claims, not for unsafe construction. Cities and counties typically are immune from being sued for performing governmental functions, including building bridges.

WASHINGTON, DC -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on May 25 in regard to the passage of the Senate's immigration bill (62-36): "Now that the Senate has reached an agreement on immigration, President Bush needs to urge the House Republican Leadership to denounce the mean-spirited House Republican Sensenbrenner bill. The President has not yet disavowed or said one unkind word about the Sensenbrenner bill; in fact, he is on record as praising the bill. He needs to exercise real leadership.��"We need bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. As we go to Conference, we must build on the Senate bill and improve it to make it both comprehensive and workable. We need comprehensive immigration reform that protects our borders, protects American workers, protects the workers coming in from exploitation, unites families, and has strong procedures for a path to earned citizenship."

WASHINGTON �� President Barack Obama wants publicly funded community college available to all Americans, a sweeping proposal that would make higher education as accessible as a high school diploma to boost weak U.S. wages and skills for the modern workforce.

A New York man who pleaded guilty earlier this year to perpetrating multiple fraud and identity theft schemes in the Dover area was sentenced Tuesday to nearly four years in jail. Tyron Burgess, a 36-year-old Manhattan resident, will serve up to 42 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised probation, according to Charles M. Oberly, the U.S. State s Attorney for the District of Delaware. U.S. District Court Judge Gregory M. Sleet also ordered Burgess to repay a total of $129,985.02 to five different financial institutions he defrauded between July and November 2011, Oberly s office said. During that five-month span, Burgess used stolen personal identification information to secure financing for the purchase of an all-terrain vehicle and a Chevrolet Corvette, took out fraudulent bank loans and obtained at least a dozen credit cards in the names of other people that he used to buy luxury clothing items and electronics. Following an investigation by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and U.S. Inspector General s Social Security Office and the U.S. Secret Service, Burgess pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft a charge that carries a mandatory 24-month prison term. Identity theft is a serious crime that has a very real impact on its victims and society, Oberly said in a statement released Tuesday. Those contemplating similar crimes should be reminded of the likely consequences of their actions. This office remains committed to prosecuting these offenses.