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The Rams pulled back to 12-8 following two quick buckets by Keke Barber at the onset of the second quarter but Daniels accounted for six points during a subsequent 7-0 Colts burst to extend the advantage out to 19-8.

“He’s a guy that doesn’t want to disappoint the team or disappoint himself,coach handbags outlet,” Arkansas safety Alan Turner said. “Seeing him in the summer and fall, being in here constantly, I feel like he’s the last player to leave each and every day. It just shows the effort he’s putting in and how much it’s helped him.”

We love Thai noodles, but we aren t so keen on the carbs and fat that come along with them. Problem solved: zucchini noodles. They have the texture and feel of traditional noodles,and Representative Mitchell, but with umpteen times more nutrition and a fraction of the carbs. This deeply flavorful salmon dish?combines fragrant curry with creamy coconut atop a?bed of zucchini noodles.

揟he Next Elvis: Searching for Stardom at Sun Records,?Barbara Barnes Sims (LSU Press)One thing Barbara Barnes Sims doesn抰 do in 揟he Next Elvis,httP://www.coachhandbags.click,?the memoir of her time working at Sun Records in the late 1950s, is dish -- at least not in the way we抳e come to expect from music-business tell-alls that leave no lurid stone unturned.But oddly enough,coach outlet online,two brothers from Paris, Sims?politeness and vaguely formal style -- right down to Dickens-esque section headers like 揂 Nickname and an Amusing Proposal?-- don抰 at all detract from the octogenarian's stories about her tenure doing marketing and publicity for the famed record label in her early 20s. Just the opposite, in fact: It makes her recollections of the legendary Sam Phillips and those in his orbit,coach outlet, including her almost Gump-like encounters with rock and country royalty, all the more endearing.As a 24-year-old woman in a profession dominated by men,coach handbags, as most were at that time, Sims had to feel her way, and made no small number of mistakes -- she reports managing to offend Johnny Cash,www.coachhandbags.click, Roy Orbison and Wink Martindale (of all people) almost immediately upon meeting them. It抯 these brushes with Sun stardom that keep 揟he Next Elvis?rolling along, but they抮e far from all the memoir brings to the table.Though she came aboard after Elvis?tenure at Sun -- the book抯 title refers to the company抯 perpetual and never-realized struggle to find a hitmaker who could follow in his footsteps -- Sims still saw her share of record-business drama. One of the most compelling segments tells of the company抯 efforts to weather the storm after Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin: 揑 was wondering what mixture of arrogance and ignorance caused Jerry Lee抯 downfall,?Sims writes. 揝ome of both, I decided.?/blockquote>Sims provides her thoughts and observations on dozens of artists to come through door at Sun, from stars like Cash and Orbison to those whose records never took off,Jones said. As Dr. Lassiter b, despite her best efforts to promote them. One artist she championed was eventual country music superstar Charlie Rich,you will hit the pillow and e, whose 揕onely Weekends?became a Sun hit after Sims urged him to 搒top giving (musical director Bill Justis) and Sam what he thought they wanted, instead of asserting his own talent and what he was good at.?/blockquote>And though it takes a while, eventually Sims gets into some of the challenges of being a young woman trying to take on a prominent business role in the 1950s, in what was a tough and sometimes bizarre field to start with. She writes at one point of being alone at an industry convention and feeling 揷reeped out,?if not outright threatened, by the music business executives: 揑t wasn抰 just the language of these record-industry men; they were just so crude I began to wonder what they thought of me. Maybe they抎 never seen a woman in a professional role at these meetings. Surely they didn抰 think I was a hooker!?/blockquote>Page 2 of 2 - If there抯 one aspect of 揟he Next Elvis?that Sims struggles with, it抯 painting a whole picture of Sam Phillips, although she抯 far from the only one who wasn抰 able to pin down the mercurial record maven. If nothing else, she does a fine job of illustrating his many contradictions: the loving family man with a decades-long extramarital companion; the penny pincher prone to buying people Cadillacs; the bare-bones manager who famously didn抰 have a desk, but eventually moved the operation to a state-of-art facility that Sims felt robbed it of its down-home charm.When Sims finally leaves Sun for what would be a successful 36-year career as a college professor, we can feel her anxiety at having to tell her mentor at Sun she抎 be going. But Phillips 揷ouldn抰 have been more gracious,?she reports, telling her, 揧ou can always have a job with me. Even if this record business doesn抰 pick up.?/blockquote>It never did quite pick up, at least not for Phillips, who sold the company in 1968. There was undoubtedly more to the story of Sun抯 rise and fall than Sims ever knew, and she seems too polite to tell it all anyway: There are probably plenty of dish-worthy stories that remain sealed in her memory banks rather than on the printed page.But no matter -- 揟he Next Elvis?puts you squarely inside the cramped studio at 706 Union Ave. in Memphis, where you can all but feel all the shakin?that must have gone on.A version of this article was posted on Pete抯 Pop Culture, Parenting Pets Blog at northofboston.wickedlocal.com/section/blogs. Follow Peter Chianca on Twitter at @pchianca. Email him at .?/blockquote>

Cherry tomatoes are the stars of this basic-yet-showstopping dish. Saut? a couple of pints with sweet onions and garlic, then add that goodness to spaghetti. Finish each plate with a sprinkling of fresh basil and a healthy dollop of ricotta cheese for a meal that?s simply delicious.