in what authorities said was a suicide by hanging

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9) ROBIN WILLIAMS -- Too sad and too personal, suicides rarely make it to any list of top stories. But the death of the 63-year-old comedian Robin Williams at his Tiburon home in August, in what authorities said was a suicide by hanging, touched an enormous chord in America. Williams wasn't just funny: From the time he broke into TV as the alien "Mork,the ’90s," he made viewers bark out loud with laughter, regaling them with his role as a woman in "Mrs. Doubtfire" or with stories about how the Scots invented golf as a form of torture. He was a comet racing across the American sky, and when he was gone, people marveled at the speed and arc of his trajectory.

Highlights: Known for its stunning natural scenery from the Andes to Patagonia, Chile scored highest among this year's list for environmental protection, in part for halting mining development that would affect indigenous communities, as well as for rejecting hydroelectric dams in Patagonia on the Futaleufu River. Chile also is the first country in South America to approve a carbon tax, and it received the highest possible scores from Freedom House for press freedom.