five of which are available on his website

500 Startups,coach outlet, a prolific seed investment firm and startup incubator,coach handbags outlet, switched gears to after hitting resistance from U.S. institutional investors,, founder Dave McClure told VentureWire.

Drinking diet soda. It has zero calories?so it can?t be bad for me,httP://, right? Wrong. Although it seems like a sensible choice at face value,coach outlet online, diet soda carries some ?from weight gain to tooth erosion to weakened bones. Try replacing your daily can of diet soda with flavored sparkling water (such as La Croix)?you?ll get your fizzy fix without all of the chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

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Now at age 91, David draws on his wide experience from the cotton fields of Oklahoma and Texas where he grew up, to the islands of the South Pacific where he served as a U.S. Marine, to the marketplace of America as a news reporter to write westerns and mysteries. He has ten books to his credit; five of which are available on his website,Chief of Urology at Beaumont , . His latest book, A Bag of Gold, is a saga of the Old West depicting two strong men dedicated to doing the right thing in the face of fierce opposition. It is available in paperback or Kindle on . His current project is a historical novel called Blood on the Wall. David Estes is a member of Springfield Writers’ Guild.

On December 23 in the southwest of Little Rock the members of Arkansas Stop the Violence teamed up with ?Hola! Arkansas to bring happiness to many families giving children of the Hispanic community bicycles as their Christmas gift. The organization gathers new or gently used bicycles from donors, then distributes them to families that need help with Christmas presents.

Kiep said she enjoys helping out when she can. She also takes food to people suffering from ailemnts. It just came naturally, she said. Kiep said she also enjoys rounding up volunteers to help with other tasks.